New Holland Hit and Miss Engines                        

This website was created to share information about New Holland hit-and-miss engines and equipment manufactured by New Holland Machine Company, New Holland, PA.  The site contains a timeline, newspaper articles, advertisements and sales literature for the engines, feed mills, rock crushers, wood saws and information about founder Abraham Zimmerman.

The following are recent additions/updates to this site:

Added: Clarion Newspaper tidbits posted Aug 1 2023

Added: Photos of 65 & 110 Mills

Added: Rock Crushers/Furnace factory image page 

This site will be a work in progress, so check back often for updates. Please let us know if you have additional literature or other information that can be shared with other New Holland enthusiasts.

1909 (Left) & Later (Above) Factory Photos

4 HP High base with early style tool box

5 HP on #14 cart, w/clutch pulley

1 1/2 HP on #11 cart webster mag

​5 HP to 1/2 HP line-up, at Rough & Tumble, Kinzer,  2010.

1/2 HP on #9 cart, with chain drive mag

 1/2 HP on #9 wheel barrow cart