1 1/2 HP on #11 cart webster mag

​5 HP to 1/2 HP line-up, at Rough & Tumble, Kinzer,  2010.

1/2 HP on #9 cart, with chain drive mag


1909 (Left) & Later (Above) Factory Photos

4 HP High base with early style tool box

New Holland Hit and Miss Engines                        

 1/2 HP on #9 wheel barrow cart

This website was created to share information about New Holland hit-and-miss engines and equipment manufactured by New Holland Machine Company, New Holland, PA.  The site contains a timeline, newspaper articles, advertisements and sales literature for the engines, feed mills, rock crushers, wood saws and information about founder Abraham Zimmerman.

The following are recent additions/updates to this site:

Added: Timeline - a high-level timeline and a detail timeline for Abe Zimmerman and the New Holland Machine Company
Added: Advertisements - period ads for New Holland Machine Company products – added an additional 24 ads.
Added: New Holland Clarion Newspaper Articles - local period New Holland Clarion newspaper news articles and transcription
Added: Publications/Manuals/Instructions: 1899-1909, 1910-1919 and 1920-1959

Added: Patents - Patents used by New Holland Machine Company

Added: Factory Photos/Images/Maps

Added: Research: Locations with Research Information

Added: Purchased Companies - Companies New Holland/Sperry Rand Corporation purchased

Added/Updated: Mills, Mills Timeline, Mills: #6 & 6 1/2, Mills: #1, 2, 3, 10 12, 8, 65, 108 & 110 - added more photos/manuals

Added: Zimmerman Family - Information about the Abe Zimmerman and family

This site will be a work in progress, so check back often for updates. Please let us know if you have additional literature or other information that can be shared with other New Holland enthusiasts.

5 HP on #14 cart, w/clutch pulley